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Business Turnaround Management

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Business Turnaround Management

Here at Voscap we offer a range of Turnaround Management services. Our expertise covers everything from initial consultation right through to overseeing a full business restructure.

Debt Management

A Debt Management Plan is an informal agreement with one or more creditors to repay the outstanding debt over a period. Our team at Voscap will negotiate the reduced amounts between you and the creditor to find a realistic arrangement that can be sustained over a period to enable the business to continue to prosper.

We have found that independent experts are best suited in resolving conflicts and restructuring payment plans to keep all parties’ content.

Consultancy Management

Voscap can provide consultancy support specific to your needs using our experience gained spanning several decades working in all industries.  Our expertise and knowledge will play a pivotal part when assessing your business and giving you the best solutions available.

Our turnaround specialists will focus on the critical matters surrounding your business and prepare an immediate action plan giving you the breathing space you need to concentrate on growing your business.

We will deal with any heavy lifting, for example, dealing with your bankers, landlord and disgruntled creditors whilst assisting you in the turnaround process.

Financial Management

You may have developed a fantastic product or service, but you need the right business model, pricing, funding, marketing, and people to make it work. We will assist you on how to maximise your sales with your current client base and achieve appropriate levels of financial sustainability.

We will construct a financial plan for your business whilst managing any pressing matters. This involves guiding you through a diagnostic process to get to the root causes of your business problems with a view of stabilising your cash flow.

We will put together a list of action items and help you implement them to a successful conclusion.

All organisations go through difficult times

We are here to help - always confidentially

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